EDU/GOV/Non-Profit Program



We recognize the good work colleges, universities, non-profits, and governmental agencies do, often under strict budgets. To support their efforts, we offer these organizations special discounts on Malwarebytes products. If you think your organization may qualify, please contact our sales department.

We are thrilled with our Malwarebytes Enterprise Edition experience!

The installation (distribution) over our network is quick and easy, requiring no end user interaction; the management console is well designed flexible and intuitive; and we're able to schedule scans and clean computers on a daily basis (without performance issues) thanks to the power and ease of Malwarebytes. The one time we needed to visit with the Malwarebytes support team, our email was answered within 15 minutes, containing all the information we needed to resolve our issue. When we consider the time and resources we have devoted to trying to eradicate a virus and/or rebuild a computer when total eradication was impossible, we've saved a tremendous amount of time, money, and frustration. The cost of Malwarebytes was small, but the investment return has been huge. Thank you, Malwarebytes.

—Kathryn Suchy Director of IT, Rawls College of Business/Texas Tech University

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