We believe that everyone has a fundamental right to a malware-free existence.


To create the best disinfection and protection solutions to combat the world’s most harmful Internet threats.

Our Story

Back in 2004, Marcin Kleczynski picked up a nasty malware infection one day while cruising the Internet in search of video games. This despite having a popular paid antivirus in place. (Sound familiar?)

No big deal. He worked as a computer tech after school. How long could it take to remove a small bit of malicious code?

Try three solid days.

Three days searching the Internet and consulting with other people on security forums who had similar problems. Who had also come to the same two conclusions:

  1. There was a lot of new malware out there.
  2. Antivirus couldn’t handle it.

So Marcin set out to build the world a better malware fighter. He taught himself code and eventually engineered a small but highly effective anti-malware tool, the precursor to Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, that quickly became popular in the security community.

More importantly, in the community Marcin discovered a fanatical band of malware experts. They dissected malicious code, traded malware intel, and helped desperate folks who came to the message boards in search of answers.

So when it came to expanding the Malwarebytes team, he hired from this band. They knew what worked, what didn’t, and were completely comfortable breaking with conventional wisdom.

Today, the team numbers more than 200 and is distributed globally, with offices in San Jose, California, Clearwater, Florida, Tallinn, Estonia, and Cork, Ireland.

Malwarebytes products have been downloaded over 500 million times and have removed over five billion pieces of malware. The Malwarebytes line has expanded to include purpose-built business products that now protect over 50,000 businesses. Revenue has grown 100% year over year.

Our story is unique, very unique, in the Internet security industry, as are our products. But we reckon you’re reading this because you also have a unique problem. We can help.


Marcin Kleczynski

Marcin Kleczynski

Chief Executive Officer

Marcin founded Malwarebytes in 2008. Today, he leads the strategic expansion of the business as well as overseeing the long term vision for the research and development teams.

Rebecca Kline

Rebecca Kline

Chief Operating Officer

Rebecca joined Malwarebytes in 2011 to build Marketing and E-commerce. Today she helps drive company strategy while leading the Sales, Marketing, and Technical Support divisions.

Fernando Francisco

Mark Harris

Chief Financial Officer

Mark has responsibility for all financial matters. He joined Malwarebytes in 2014 to bring further operational support to the rapidly growing business and add his significant experience to the company's strategic expansion efforts.

Bruce Harrison

Bruce Harrison

VP of Research

Bruce manages a team of handpicked security experts and researchers that spans the globe to ensure Malwarebytes continues to offer industry leading protection against the latest advanced threats.

Thomas Miller

Thomas Miller

SVP of Sales

Tom leads all of Sales worldwide. He joined Malwarebytes in 2014 and is responsible for driving all Enterprise, SMB, and Channel segments.

Mark Patton

Mark Patton

VP of Engineering

Mark leads the engineering teams responsible for the development, testing and delivery of our anti-malware products as well as technology that supports our anti-malware research teams.

Fernando Francisco

Fernando Francisco

VP of Corporate Development & Strategy

Fernando leads the company's European operations and is focused on developing the company's worldwide market penetration through business development and expanded channel partnerships.

Chad Bacher

Chad Bacher

VP of Products

Chad leads the Product Management team responsible for defining and executing the go-to-market strategy for the entire Malwarebytes product portfolio.

"I used to volunteer for years on malware removal forums where I helped people to clean up malware, teach people how to prevent malware and made some of my own small removal tools to deal with malware. This was (and still is) my passion. Malwarebytes was built out of people from the same community, who share the same passion. A great product can only exist if there are passionate people behind it, and I wanted to become a part of this."

Mieke, Director of Research, Europe