Recognizing our commitment to fighting malware.

PC Magazine
PC Magazine gave Malwarebytes Anti-Malware four and a half stars out of five and said, "Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.0 remains our Editors' Choice for free, cleanup-only antivirus."

CNET editors said Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is "Outstanding" and gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars. It is the most popular tool in the "anti-spyware" category on the CNET website—over 100,000 people download it there every week.

Independent testing laboratory AV-TEST gave Malwarebytes Anti-Malware the only perfect score for removing malware and repairing its damage. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware was tested against 60 malware infections over a ten-month period and cleaned and restored the infected computer flawlessly every time. No other tested product, including those from Avira, AVG, Norton, Kaspersky, and ESET, could make that claim.

West Coast Labs
A leading independent testing organization validated the functionality and performance of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware in a range of threat scenarios and attack vectors

Networking and security from OPSWAT has verified that Malwarebytes products are compatible with leading network and technology solutions

User Testimonials

"The fact that Malwarebytes detects the latest malicious threats while still working alongside other AV software means that all our users now have the best possible protection available."

—Richard Whittaker ICT Specialist

"Malwarebytes catches almost all the latest threats that our existing antivirus cannot. It is fast and doesn't use many system resources, but, most importantly, it runs alongside the existing company AV solution with absolutely no hassle, providing complementary protection."

—Torben Broder Client Support Engineer

"We are thrilled with our Malwarebytes Enterprise Edition experience! The installation (distribution) over our network is quick and easy, requiring no end user interaction; the management console is well designed, flexible, and intuitive; and we're able to schedule scans and clean computers on a daily basis (without performance issues) thanks to the power and ease of Malwarebytes. The one time we needed to visit with the Malwareybtes support team, our email was answered within 15 minutes, containing all the information we needed to resolve our issue. When we consider the time and resources we have devoted to trying to eradicate a virus and/or rebuild a computer when total eradication was impossible, we've saved a tremendous amount of time, money, and frustration. The cost of Malwarebytes was small, but the investment return has been huge. Thank you, Malwarebytes."

—Kathryn Suchy Director of IT, Rawls College of Business/Texas Tech University

"I've been dealing with malware as a technician and an IT manager for years. It's horrible malicious stuff that is frequently so poorly written it doesn't even accomplish its own goals. It simply disables the computer it has infected. Malware also has the nasty habit of re-infecting a machine after being cleaned.

"Unfortunately, standard anti-virus doesn't adequately protect users. My team would routinely see machines that took four or more hours to disinfect and repair or to simply extract data files. I've tried dozens, if not more, removal tools. The only one that consistently cleaned a machine to a usable state was Malwarebytes. And that was using the freeware standalone version.

"I thought, we have managed enterprise AV, why don't we have something like that for malware? I contacted Malwarebytes to inquire about possible solutions. A very nice and professional Sales Manager responded. She walked my team and me through our various options. She engaged Malwarebytes engineers to answer our questions and help plan our potential deployment. It was refreshing and easy to work with her team. We were initially looking at a deployment for my region (325 users). Over the course of our investigation and testing we shared our results with the other divisions and ended up purchasing seats for the entire organization at a very reasonable price. The ROI is undeniable. The amount of time 'wasted' on undoing malware versus a small cost per head was a no-brainer. We also work with EMRs and PHI. The added security of knowing our users machines are not being controlled or accessed by outside nefarious entities is priceless.

"In summary, whether using the standalone client or an enterprise deployment, nothing else comes close to the protection, and more importantly, effective disinfection/removal. The Malwarebytes team provided some of the best support both before and after the sale of any of our vendors. It's hard to believe now we didn't use Malwarebytes sooner."

—Chriss Rathbun IT Manager, NextGen Healthcare Information Systems